The Election

Mother Teresa was invited to so many protests and rallies and turned them all down. Why you ask? Because they were AGAINST something. Anti-war rallies, anti-whatever. She refused. But she said if you had a PEACE rally or something you are for…and it is centered around LOVE, she would be ALL IN. Because when you fight something, you only make it bigger…because you aren’t focusing on peace, you are focusing on war. You are FIGHTING. I have been trying my best to not get caught up in this, although, I sadly admit, I have a few times…then again, I am no Mother Teresa. But that is my goal. I unfollow negative posts and try to only share the ones filled with love. If we all did this, imagine what the world could be like…and we wouldn’t have created a need in this world for this Trump/Hillary stuff. I agree with different sides for different reasons. I did vote for who I thought would be the better of the 2, although would have loved to have a smarter choice. Someone who is love centered. I am pro-love, no matter who it is. I am pro-life. I am pro-gun. (I wish we didn’t have the need, but I am for protecting yourself should the need arises. I hope that one day, we won’t need to have them ‘just in case’, but unfortunately, in a anti filled world, it is.) I am pro-earth.

..and protecting the world we live in. I am pro standing up and having courage to say when something isn’t a loving way (but not meek). I also believe the people running this world, this country, and sadly, our tv’s (news and entertainment), our education system are all not all for love. They care to spread evil and I don’t think it will stop unless we stop letting them. I have stopped watching most tv and movies and stopped listening to a lot of the stuff I used to because it is so negative. And just like everyone else, I create my reality by what I allow in MY reality. I am not saying I am perfect at that or that any of us can get to where we all need to be overnight, but the ‘journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step’. Maybe we just need to focus on the next stone, the next step in our journey and simply know our overall direction….and have faith you will get there, even if it isn’t as soon as you would like. (Or we would all like to get there.) It will take practice, repitition, and maybe even a million reminders, but I do believe we can all get there if we put that as our intention. Less hate, more love. Less ‘anti/against’ more ‘for/with’. It is simple law of attraction. You get what you focus on…and if you wish hate and bad intent on others, you will only be giving it back to yourself.


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